Actress Margot Robbie new face for Nissan

PARIS, February 21, 2017

  • Australian actress is announced as the new face of Nissan electric cars 
  • Robbie races all-electric BladeGlider sports car around glitzy streets of Monaco
  • Watch Suicide Squad and The Wolf of Wall Street actor in action here:

Australian arctress Margot Robbie has been revealed as the new face of Nissan electric cars and zero emission in a staged midnight race around the glamorous streets of Monaco.

Robbie tested the Nissan BladeGlider – which can top 100kph in less than five seconds – against an identical all-electric sports car on closed roads in the iconic French Riviera Principality.

“We want to inspire people to take small steps towards cleaner, safer cities, and working with Margot is the perfect way to do just that”, informed Gareth Dunsmore, Director of Electric Vehicles for Nissan Europe.

The high performance one-of-a-kind car was designed by EV Leader Nissan to showcase the fun and excitement of pure electric vehicles and offer a glimpse of the all-electric sports car of the future.

“More people are choosing to go electric, leading the way to a more sustainable future and the Nissan BladeGlider hints at the future of smarter performance cars”, said Robbie.

She put the futuristic three-seater through its paces before finishing her thrilling drive in Casino Square, which has served as the set for blockbusters Oceans Eleven and Casino Royale not to mention Grand Prix racing since the 1920s.

In the short film, The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad the star is seen drifting around Fairmont Hairpin, arguably the most famous corner in Formula One racing, and executing a daring overtaking manoeuvre along the sweeping Massenet corner.

As the manufacturer of the world’s bestselling electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF, the video forms part of a campaign – #ElectrifyTheWorld – to get more people talking about sustainability and zero emissions living. The BladeGlider is part of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility vision, showing how cars could evolve to connect with the world around them.

Monte Carlo provided the perfect backdrop for Nissan to reveal Margot Robbie and showcase its all-electric sports car. Monaco has an ambitious sustainability programme and aims to reduce carbon emissions by as much as 50 percent, by 2030.


Six days of bicycle action 

“Ein Traum wird wahr”, verlautete es jüngst aus der Bremer ÖVB Arena. Die 52. Sixdays sind zu Ende und die Sieger stehen fest. Das Team mit der Nummer 2, der Münchener Christian Grasmann und sein Belgischer Partner Kenny De Ketele sind die schnellsten. Das Duo setzte sich mit einem Paukenschlag am Dienstagabend im Finale gegen Morgan Kneisky und Jesper Merkov durch.

Sicherlich sind nicht nur die Sportler mit ihren Kräften bis aans Limit gegangen. Einige der 60.000 Besucher, und damit ein neuer Höchststand, gaben ihr Bestes die Sportler anzufeuern und dabei kräftig zu feiern.

Die gute Laune dezimiert die Bestände eines Getränkes im besonderen Maße.  Der Loriot-Wein war bereits am Sonnabend bis auf die letzte Flasche ausgetrunken.  Ausgelassene Stimmung war nicht nur im Innenraum, sondern auch in den angrenzenden Hallen. Von Deka-Dance-Party bis zur kleinen Bierrunde, es  war für jeden was dabei. Wer sportliches mit sozialen Kontakten liebt, der kommt an den Bremer Sixdays nicht vorbei. Straff organisiert und mit Highlights gespickt, konnten Besucher von Rennen zu Rennen nicht nur Höchstleistungen sehen, sondern erlebten einen bunten Mix an Unterhaltung.

Ein Spektakel, welches seines Gleichen sucht. Und wer die Sieger dieses Jahr verpasst hat, der kommt 2017 an die Weser. Die Organisatoren versprechen bereits eine Steigerung zu diesem Event mit noch mehr Jedermann Challenges und großen Namen. Es bleibt also spannend und die kleine Hansestadt ist ohnehin immer einen Besuch wert.

Bremen – the sixdays at the ÖVB arena  has been center of attention since Thursday. Internationally known cyclist have come to the city on the Weser to fight against each other in the oval,  cycling at top speeds of more than 68 km/h. Endless hours they compete on the narrow track, hopeful to win the various titles. Monday is a popular date for party goers and race fans alike. The inner circle is already jam packed by 8 p.m. Several large video screens allow every visitor to follow the action. Standing near the boundries, the spectators get an impression of just fast the sportsmen and women are.

The first race was for the under 23 year olds. One must be impressed by the quality of the bikes and the performance of the young cyclists . The winning team was from Denmark. Rank 1 was taken by team 12 – Simon Bigum and Elias  Helleskov Busk. Next the seniors took back to the track. Fighting for ranks one to three.  The Speed record still belongs to  the dutch European Champion  Jeffey Hoogland. However, with a time of 8.812 seconds Richard Aßmus came pretty come to cracking it.

Muscles tightened they rode to the max to lead the pack. The different races, such as sprints and record breaking attempts,  flow into one another.  Without a program spectators risk losing track.

However all guests are catered for at the sixdays. Even if they had just come for the fun, the sporting efforts grab all. Overall its the event in Bremen to catch up with friends, have a drinks and plenty of food. It’s a must, regardless, if you like bike racing or not! By the way, one visitor took himself a heart and proposed to his future wife. If you have missed it come 2017 to Bremen and become a part of the action.

Wieviel Millimeter sind 8/1000 Sekunden im Runden-Rekordfahren? Eine Reifenbreite, oder nur eine Profiltiefe? Die jedenfalls fehlte dem 21jährigen Erfurther Richard Aßmus beim Rundenrekordfahren im deutsch-englischen Sprinter-Vergleich bei den 52.Bremer Sixdays. Der vom Holländischen Europameister Jeffey Hoogland vor zwei Jahren aufgestellte Rekord von 8.812 Sekunden wackelte jedenfalls bedenklich, als Aßmus über die Ziellinie schoss. Mit 68,163 km/h wurde er gemessen – schneller als die Polizei erlaubt.

Biking – for fun and sport – Rad am Ring – 24 hours

By the time the  Tour de  France kicks off, many people get keen on facing a challenge of a similar kind, Of course, I don’t mean  those people, who ride throughout the year, for fitness and sport. At present the tour de France takes to the streets of that formitable country, offering among splendid views inspiration to hop on ourselves. I won`t say that I would ever master the tracks and distances these top sportsmen put behind them, however, there are plenty of interesting events nearby too.

One of those is Rad am Ring, which gets going on July 25th until July 27th. Teams with various fitness levels divided in specific classes, either  with mountain or racing bikes take to the famous Nürburgring. A challenge for many motorised driver, on the bike it’s a different ballgame all . The event takes place every year and takes 24 hours to complete. The logistics around the event are gigantic. Hunderts of participants need to be fed, kept in shape, monitored and more. Preparations for the cycling bonaza are well underway. It’s not too late to nominate  your team. Have a look under At this stage I hope to be able to keep you posted from the event. The sidelines mind you, as my bike is a fun bike…By the way, runners participate as well. For accomodation there are camping grounds, smaller pensions and of course hotels.