The Organiser at Goodwood is delighted to announce that British racing team JOTA Sport will be bringing their recent Le Mans cars (second and third place finishers overall, and first and second in the hotly contested LMP2 class), to this year’s Festival of Speed, which
opens its gates in less than 36 hours!
JOTA Sport ran the Jackie Chan DC Racing cars at Le Mans, and narrowly missed out on one of the great fairy tale victories, when they came within an hour of winning the race overall. JOTA will be at FoS alongside the mighty Porsche and Aston Martin works teams, who took overall and GTE Pro victories respectively in the French classic. JOTA’s success is all the more remarkable as they are a modest team from the depths of the Kent countryside, who have become a force to be reckoned with in motorsport, this being their second LMP2 victory in the space of four years. David Clark, Director of JOTA Sport said, “For the second time in four years, we are very proud to be honoured by Lord March in appearing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed to commemorate the stunning success at Le Mans. It’s extra special for us, as JOTA Sport are alocal team from Tunbridge Wells.

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