Festival season – leave the car at home


UK car experts list five music festivals you definitely don’t want to drive to, based on eco-friendliness, consequences for impaired driving and public transit options

London, United Kingdom, 22/05/2017 – The festival season is upon us! The online used car dealership Carspring might be car fanatics, but they’ve got sense when it comes to having fun responsibly with this list of five festivals perfect for leaving the car at home. Logistics experts took into account alternate public transportation options, waiting times for drivers, eco-friendliness of the festival, and fines for driving under the influence.

The results offer a down to earth take on some of the world’s most celebrated festivals:

  1. Fusion Festival, Larz, GermanyFusion Festival is Germany’s techno paradise. Set up in a former military airport, it’s one of Europe’s counter cultural-events of the year. The ethos is to experience over its four to six days a different way of living. With avant-garde art, vegetarian food, and no pre-released setlist, you’re not encouraged to star hop. Instead, free your mind and let Fusion seep its magic through your synapses.
    The best way to get to Fusion Festival: BASSLINER bus

    With this in mind, it’d seem a bit pointless bothering with driving to Fusion. Especially with group train tickets on offer from Hamburg and Berlin. You can also catch the BASSLINER bus, which links the festival with dozens of German cities. 

    2. Boom Festival, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal – Rocking up in a gas guzzler is no way to arrive at an eco-friendly festival. It might be in the middle of nowhere, but taking a Boom Bus from Switzerland, Belgium, Madrid, or Portugal is a much better way to get to Boom. As festival-goer Matthew Wisesays, “the bus is certainly the simplest and most hassle-free means of getting there.” Boom puts them on for good reason too. In 2016, 800 tonnes of CO2 were saved from people not using their cars. Alternatively, you could even cycle. In the past Boom Festival has allowed cyclists in for free. Plus, it’s well in-keeping with the festival’s eco-conscious mantra.

    And, you’re more likely to meet some cool new people if you travel by bus!

    Click here to see the full list: https://www.carspring.co.uk/blog/5-festivals-not-to-drive-to/


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