Kayah State considered as see region

Myanmar to launch Kayah State as tourist destination at World Travel Market 2016

International Trade Centre helps Myanmar back onto the travel maps

(Geneva) – A little-visisted region of Myanmar is to be launched as a new tourist destination at the World Travel Market 2016, an important tourism trade fair, starting to day until 9th of November in London. The launch of Kayah State as a tourist destination is the result of a collaboration between the International Trade Centre (ITC) and Myanmar Tourism Marketing (MTM).

Recent political and economic changes in Myanmar have seen the country become popular with foreign tourists, with five million international visitors in 2015. Kayah State, which is now accessible by air and road, has only recently opened to visitors. Its natural landscape and ethnic diversity provide tourists with an insight into authentic local villages and traditional ways of life. Guests can follow the ‘trail of the ancestors’, with local villagers as guides, and sample local cuisine at a ‘jungle picnic’.

Since 2014, the International Trade Centre (ITC), in partnership with the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and the Ministry of Commerce, has supported the development of new cultural and nature tourism products in Kayah State. Local government and communities in Kayah State have been assisted in their preparations for the arrival of international tourists, while respecting local culture and the environment.

ITC’s Inclusive Tourism project in Myanmar aims to contribute to reducing poverty by creating jobs in the country’s tourism sector with a focus on Kayah State. The project increases incomes of enterprises and local communities by enhancing the competitiveness of Myanmar’s tourism industry and related supply chains, ultimately contributing to sustainable economic development. Through the project, supported by the Government of the Netherlands, new tourism services, such as cultural and community tours will be introduced. These will offer tourists a glimpse into the lives, cultural practices and traditions of the local ethnic communities. Cultural performances, the production of handicrafts and cooking demonstrations will all showcase the rich heritage of the people of Kayah State.



Watch ‘An Introduction to Kayah state’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtkdyi4toe0

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