Thunder and lighting in Santanyi

The isle of Mallorca has many sides. Usually sunny and hot every day, I got some rainy days instead. It all started with some dark clouds and thundery showers at the Cala Lombards. A small beach snugg among the cliffs. Just got settled to catch some rays, when the rain started. Quickly grabbed the towl and bag and shifted over to the small beach bar. The owner is quite a character and looking at the hut, he must have started his business some 30 years ago with no more than a counter and an esky. Nevertheless the pouring rain paired with music from the Woodstock area, made it quite an experience. After the rain the few tourists left made it a lovely and relaxed stay. Of course it’s main season and there are thousands of people on the island. Finding a park is hell! Avoid the yellow line! It means getting a ticket or even worth, find your car in a pound. Needless to say, the latter is quite expensive and exceeds the cost of rental by far. 

And if you thought, a few hours of rain, so what… The amount of water running down the streets is incredible. It even ran into the rental car! Quite unique experience getting wet feet while driving. Left it standing around five corners! Saturday is market day in Santanyi and of course, cars get towed away! I expect it will be filled with water to the seats by now, or worse, it got swept away!  

   Something that second this and I only called out some of the old wooden  
Hotel Santanyi… Best recipe against the rain



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