Pure power- Match light up on stage

Bremen -GOP variety theater stages acrobatics matching a tornado. Eleven young artists and a clown put on a brilliant show full of energy. Jesting around at the start but then putting on  breathtaking performances the dozen French acrobats demonstrate coordinated strength backed by classical themes. Two young women and nine men grab their audience and perform on the ground or in the air. The power of arms and legs and the play of muscles are centre of attention. Little is needed to put the spotlight on the ability of humans to hold, swing and swirl around. Almost effortlessly the young woman wraps herself into meters of white fabric dangling from the ceiling. Gracefully she twirls up meters high having only her own physical strength to keep her aloft. During the second half of the show, a pair descends up on the trapez to show amazing stunts simply relying on each other to hold on tightly. The show will finish in only a few days. If you can, go and see Match.  



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