Extraordinary food and stylish setting-Allegria restaurant

Friday night in Bremen and looking for fine wine and dining ? A friend recommended Allegria deli & restaurant in Schwachhausen, just a skip and a jump from the Bremer city. In summer the seats outside must be a great spot to be. During winter climb down the stairs and make yourself comfortable. The place is elegantly decorated and of course who could overlook the memorabilia from soccer team Werder Bremen. But back to the reason for coming – the food. The menu changes frequently and seasonal seafood and veges are offered. We decided to try some starters: homemade spaghetti with white truffle. It melts in your mouth. Later I learn that the pasta consists to 60 percent of egg yolk, which are produced by biologically sound kept chickens from Hannover. Second a mixed platter arrives at the table. Tuna with wasabi peanuts, king prawns,
dry aged beef, tartare and some dips. Delicious! Main course is steak. Filet and entrecôte medium rare with salad and steaming hot fries. Homemade dips complete the taste sensation. A satiny red wine complements a fantastic meal. Actually there was no room left for sweets but the visit wouldn’t have been perfect without a choice of cheesecake, ice cream, mousse of chocolate and more! A dream only topped by a mellow hazelnut grappa and espresso. A rare place with an international chef – Stefan Schröder whose talents are known and shared beyond these boundaries. One of his recent jobs was cooking on a sheiks yacht during the final F1 GP in Abu Dhabi … The world is a small place indeed! Try it, worth every cent and a special restaurant indeed. Deserving of a star.






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