Biking – for fun and sport – Rad am Ring – 24 hours

By the time the  Tour de  France kicks off, many people get keen on facing a challenge of a similar kind, Of course, I don’t mean  those people, who ride throughout the year, for fitness and sport. At present the tour de France takes to the streets of that formitable country, offering among splendid views inspiration to hop on ourselves. I won`t say that I would ever master the tracks and distances these top sportsmen put behind them, however, there are plenty of interesting events nearby too.

One of those is Rad am Ring, which gets going on July 25th until July 27th. Teams with various fitness levels divided in specific classes, either  with mountain or racing bikes take to the famous Nürburgring. A challenge for many motorised driver, on the bike it’s a different ballgame all . The event takes place every year and takes 24 hours to complete. The logistics around the event are gigantic. Hunderts of participants need to be fed, kept in shape, monitored and more. Preparations for the cycling bonaza are well underway. It’s not too late to nominate  your team. Have a look under At this stage I hope to be able to keep you posted from the event. The sidelines mind you, as my bike is a fun bike…By the way, runners participate as well. For accomodation there are camping grounds, smaller pensions and of course hotels.




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